"Boris and Bear continue to bring our family joy. We love them very much and thank you for allowing them to be apart of our family."


"Hi Elena, Principesa is a fantastic cat. She is very smart and she is imitating all of us. She thinks she's a human She talks with us and she comes to ask us to play with her. Amazing! And she has never eaten her food alone. She needs company until she eats."


Principessa (Cleopatra) (Litter C)- living in Etobicoke, ON

"We just want to say a massive thank-you for our beautiful cats, Angie and Ally. They are such a good, well natured cats. Everybody love them with plenty of cuddles and play time. We are amazed at how intelligent Siberians are. Again, big thanks to Elena for a fantastic job and dedication to producing truly amazing and fun loving cats. I'll be always grateful. We are very happy to recommend her to other cat lovers. Many thanks."


Angie and Ally  (Litter A)- living in Quebec City, QC

Bear & Boris (Litter B)- living in Oakville, ON

​​Siberuss Cattery