​​Siberuss Cattery

Darby (Litter D)- living in Ottawa, ON

"She is a curious and playful kitten and she and Quinn have become the best of friends. Quinn kisses her good night each night and tells her she loves her before we leave the house.
We have all of her 'stuff' in the living room for now and will slowly move the litter box to the rec room, once she is more comfortable in the house, but we are so pleased with how easily she has settled in. She has a great temperament (as you know) and is playful, curious and fun.
We took her to our veterinarian on Thursday and as we all expected, she has a clean bill of health and is scheduled for her Rabies shot and kitten booster for next month. Thank you again!


"She is just the best little Kitty.  We are having sooo much fun with her.  She follows us around everywhere and gets into trouble wherever she goes. Hahaha. Ron and I are both very smitten with our little Fiddie. 
No allergies for me with her either which I am very pleased about!
I have taught her to sit when I tell her to and it is so cute!  My next training will be for “Stay”.  That will be more challenging for sure."


Fiddie (Bella) (Litter B)- living in Ottawa, ON

"Alex has a lovely personality and is settling in nicely. Thanks so much for such a great cat...the boy's love him to pieces."


Alex (Litter A)- living in Thunder Bay, ON