While you may be excited about your new furry family member, it is important to remember that you need prepare a few things for their arrival.

​- Cat carrier (Cloth or plastic, it's up to you based on your preference, it will be very useful when bringing your kitten to the vet)

- Litter box/Litter (Open or closed, it is entirely up to you. For the litter we use Special Kitty litter from Walmart. As a quick tip; as soon as your kittens comes home for the first time, bring them to the litter box instantly)

- Bowls (The water bowl should be made of ceramic, be wide, and be slip-proof as Siberians love to wash their paws in their water bowl which may lead to spills if the bowl moves easily)

​- Toys (Perhaps something that is tough, seeing as Siberians can play very rough with their toys and break them. Avoid toys that can break off into small pieces that can be swallowed by the kitten, avoid small threads, plastic bits, corks, and plastic wrap)

- Food (Royal Canin Babycat food until they are 4 months old and Royal Canin Kitten food until they are 12 months old)

- Scratching post/Cat tree (It allows them to exercise and sharpen their nails, this is very important if you don't want your furniture ruined)

As far as cat food is concerned, we feed our cats Royal Canin food (you can get it in dry and wet form), it's a high quality and healthy food which comes in a kitten variant which you can get at any vet or pet store.

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What you need to prepare for your kitten