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About the breed

Neva Masquerade cats are a breed of long-haired, colour-point Siberians with bright blue eyes. They got their name from the patterns on their face, which hint at the masks that ladies would wear when going to a masquerade ball.

It's a fairly large breed, the weight of an adult female being somewhere between 5kg and 6kg, while the males would easily go up to 8kg. The colouring of Neva Masquerade cats is fairly diverse, but the most common ones are seal-point; a light body and darker, sometimes black points. (paws, tail, ears, nose)

A very prized colouring among Neva Masquerade cats is when they have white paws, this is called “with white”. For example : (Seal-point with white.) Their eyes can be any shade of blue, from the lightest sky-blue, to a deep and rich sapphire-blue.For full physical and mental development it may take up to 5 years. They have a very well developed bone structure and powerful muscles. They are very agile and brave hunters if they get to live outside. Their hair is thick, water-repelling, and they only shed their coat twice a year.

Regardless of their very severe look, they have a very calm and friendly personality. They are both fearless guardians of their territory and devoted, loyal friends to their owners. While their are friendly, they will treat strangers with a certain amount of reservation. Neva Masquerade cats love it when interactions with them happen as they would with an equal; respectfully and with regard to their deep intellect. These cats are very aware of their worth and are never clingy, but they adore interacting with their owners, sharing with them their doings and musings. While they are very talkative and love to be listened to, they are nevertheless very good listeners themselves. They will gladly listen to their owners' problems, and will be able to calm them down with gentle purring.

Neva Masquerade cats are suitable for those who want to have a house pet, gentle as a cat and faithful as a dog, for those who needs a good friend and companion. Cats of this breed are very attached to their owners, like dogs they show great devotion. Home and decor for a Neva Siberian cat is not important, the main thing for them is to receive love from their owners. They will feel your mood and will come to you only when you are in a good mood and when you are ready and willing to caress them and play. Loneliness for these animals is not a problem. If you just came home from work, a little bit of playtime and a little bit of petting is more than sufficient for them. Neva Masquerade cats are playful and active, but in moderation. Their temperament does not allow excesses. They bring into any home a feeling of comfort and peace. Resentfulness is completely absent in these cats. They will never seek revenge if you punish them. If If offended, a Neva Masquerade cat will just turn its to you and hint at the fact that you are being unfair. As for care and affection, they will always respond in kind.

Another remarkable feature of the Neva Masquerade cat is that they know and remember their name! If you try calling the cat with a simple “kitty”, it will not come, in fact it may not even look at you, but, upon hearing their name, the cat will respond. This breed, unlike many others, understands not only your tone, but also your words.

Owners of Neva Masquerade cats rarely have problems with bad behaviour; good manners are in their blood, but even if the cat were to misbehave, it would only take one look at their gorgeous sapphire-like eyes to forgive everything.